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  • As a reminder, not all instructors or courses will use Moodle. Students, your instructor will tell you if he/she has a Moodle course site for you to access.

    You will only be able to access course sites that have been activated by the Office of Distributed Learning, typically by the first day of the semester. If you log in prior to any course sites being available to you, you will not see them in a My Courses listing - you will just see the course catalog of sites.

    If you have any questions regarding the availability of your courses on Moodle please contact the Office of Distributed Learning at distributedlearning@northpark.edu

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Adjusting to Moodle 2
by Distributed Learning - Monday, 26 August 2013, 2:50 PM

The Moodle upgrade is complete…but Moodle 2 is still really new. It has many great new features like drag and drop file uploading, easy access to courses and weekly course information, and a new look and feel. Be sure to check out the Introduction Video above and if you have questions about Moodle 2 contact the Office of Distributed Learning at distributedlearning@northpark.edu.

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Moodle Issues
by Distributed Learning - Thursday, 1 August 2013, 4:07 PM

Thank you for your continued support and patience during the Moodle 2 upgrade. In the aftermath of the upgrade, we have become aware of some kinks and issues that need to be resolved. We are working with our hosting site to fix these. If you come across any issues preventing you from functioning in your course, please contact us right away at distributedlearning@northpark.edu or at 773-244-6204.


The Office of Distributed Learning

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Welcome to Moodle 2!
by Distributed Learning - Wednesday, 3 July 2013, 6:00 PM

Welcome to Moodle 2! It looks a little different but a lot of the functions are the same and some new features have been added. If you have any questions while you are navigating Moodle 2 please be sure to contact the Office of Distributed Learning at distributedlearning@northpark.edu.